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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the best way to book a session?

The best way to book is online via my website. If you don't see your desired time slot, please text or call.

Can I book a same day or last-minute session? Do you take walk-ins?
I do not take walk-ins, however, a  same day or last-minute session is just a text away! 206-294-1500

Do you use massage oil or cream? Are your products scented?

Typically I use a non greasy, organic massage cream. Occasionally, I will use a small amount of warm coconut oil. All products are unscented.

I’ve called a few times and there is no answer. what should I do?
if there is no answer it’s probably because I am in session. send a text or email and i will get back to you shortly.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my session?
Just bring yourself! That said, it’s a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the Studio so that you can arrive in a relaxed and centered space.

If you sweat a lot or have a strong body odor, it might be a good idea to take a shower in the hours before your session, but this is not required.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to not eat any large meals within two hours of your session.

What if i don’t like something about my Massage?
i make an effort to say this before every session, but if there is anything you’re not enjoying about your Massage or that could make you feel more comfortable, please say it! this time is for you, therefore, if anything is bothering you, please don’t feel shy to let me know. this can include virtually anything but especially if the pressure of the technique is too intense or not enough, if you are too hot or too cold on the table, if the music is too loud or soft, if the music bothers or distracts you, or even if you like a certain technique that I'm doing and you want me to stay there for a while because it feels so good!

As a therapist, I do my best with my training, technique, and intuition to give you the best session possible. you, however, will always be the authority on what feels right for you, so please let me know. if you neglected to share something during a session, feel free to share it via text or email after so that i can know for your next session.

Can I  and my friend(s)/significant other get a Massage at the same time?
There is only space for one client at a time. though there are no simultaneous sessions, you and friends are welcome to book consecutive sessions.

What do I wear during the Massage?
Massage is traditionally received in the nude as this allows for greater efficiency in movement (especially gliding techniques). You should, however, wear whatever will make you feel most comfortable during your session. that can mean anything from keeping all of your clothes on to being completely nude.  Draping and blankets are available for privacy.

Should I be silent during the Massage? Is it ok to make noise?
This is your experience, so you should feel free to do whatever feels natural to you! there is no mandate that you should be silent or totally still during your session. in fact, it can be helpful to me when a client makes some kind of noise during the session as it gives me a bigger clue into what they are experiencing at that moment. so, absolutely, sign, groan, hum -- or do whatever else comes naturally to you!

Can I ask questions during my massage?
absolutely! again, this is your experience, so you should feel free to do whatever feels natural to you! perhaps you’ve had a question about Massage that you’ve never asked; I'm happy to answer it as best i can. additionally, some people just feel more comfortable with some chatting during the session as it helps create a more relaxed environment for them. i don’t encourage talking for the duration of a session, however, if some chatting helps you feel more at ease, by all means we can do that.

Can I remain in the room during my spouse's or friend's session?
Given we are trying to create a relaxing therapeutic environment, i do not normally allow others in the Studio during sessions. the experience of being “watched” can be distracting both to the client and myself as the Massage Therapist. if there is an extenuating circumstance where a third party needs to be in the Studio it should be communicated in advance. aside from that, it can be helpful to think of getting a Massage as akin to a visit to your doctor or other health care professional; it is a Therapy and should be treated as such.

Do you give reminder calls?
You will receive an automated either an email or text message when you book online.

Can I buy a gift certificate for a friend or loved one?

Yes, I sell gift certificates in any dollar amount. Gift certificates are activated and issued using the Square platform.


What if my question wasn't answered here?

No problem, feel free to text 206-294-1500 with any further questions!

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